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Why use HDPE geomembrane for aquaculture?

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We are Shandong Lianxiang Company. We have 10 years of experience in geomembrane manufacturing. Our team has grown from about 10 people at the beginning to 100 people now. Our team is getting better and our profession is more professional in China. Geomembrane is one of our main products, we manufacture and provide suitable products for farming and other anti-seepage works.

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Now, HDPE geomembrane has been widely used in various engineering fields. Because the product has good anti-seepage performance and excellent long-lasting performance, it can well protect groundwater resources from pollution. In real life, HDPE geomembranes have also been used more and more in aquaculture fields such as fish ponds.

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What are the benefits of using HDPE geomembrane?

Water storage: HDPE geomembrane, also known as anti-seepage membrane, has good water storage performance due to its extremely low permeability coefficient. It is very important to prevent the water in the fish pond from seeping into the soil, and it can effectively monitor the water level and save related water retention costs.

Stable water quality: The use of HDPE geomembrane can better maintain the balance of water quality, reduce the change of water conditions, and the survival rate and growth of fish are very good.

Oxygen content: The use of HDPE geomembrane can reduce the loss of oxygen caused by infiltration into the soil, facilitate the monitoring of the oxygen content in the water, and reduce the cost of supplementing oxygen in the fish pond.

Reduce maintenance costs: The use of HDPE geomembrane can inhibit the growth of algae in the water and is easy to clean. Since the geomembrane itself contains anti-ultraviolet additives, the geomembrane is not afraid of the sun and is easy to maintain. The use of geomembrane Mbrane can provide more convenient monitoring and a safer environment. Since the maintenance cost and time are very low, fishing can be carried out more conveniently and quickly.





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