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What is drainage board?

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Dimpled Plastic Drain Sheet01 (2)

Dimpled plastic drainage sheet

HDPE drainage board—is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) by extrusion or blow molding to form a high-density polyethylene geomembrane, and then presses out a semi-conical, columnar, The semicircular shell is a plate formed by a continuous membrane and shell, having a three-dimensional space and a certain space support rigidity, and liquid can flow and discharge in it. 

After continuous innovation and research and development, the raw material has been greatly improved and changed. Now it is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the raw material. The compressive strength and overall flatness have been greatly improved. The width is 1~3 meters, and the length is 4 ~10 meters or more.

A layer of filter geotextile is bonded to the top surface of the conical protrusion to prevent the passage of soil particles, thereby avoiding the blockage of the drainage channel and making the drainage channel smooth. 

The traditional drainage method uses masonry tiles as the filter layer, more pebbles or gravel as the filter layer, and drains the water to the designated place. Using the drainage board to replace the cobblestone water filter layer for drainage can save time, labor and energy, save investment, and can also reduce the load of the building. 

A good drainage system plays an important role in the construction period of civil engineering and the normal use and life of structures. The drainage board and the porous seepage pipe form an effective drainage system, and the cylindrical porous drainage board and the geotextile also form a drainage system, thus forming a system with the functions of water seepage, water storage and drainage.


1. Water conductivity and drainage. The drainage board is mainly installed on the roof and can be used to drain water and separate the roof from the sky. When there is rain, it can pass through the geotextile and then filter to the sky layer to make the drainage more smooth and avoid water accumulation.

2. Protection and protection. The overhead of the drainage board can cut off the hot air, so that the temperature cannot be transmitted to the roof, thereby reducing the indoor temperature; the drainage board can make the building more stable and have a good reinforcement effect.

Dimpled Plastic Drain Sheet26

3. The drainage board has a concave-convex hollow vertical rib structure, which can quickly and effectively export rainwater, and can reduce or even eliminate the hydrostatic pressure of the waterproof layer. Through this active water guiding principle, it can play an active waterproof role.

4. Water resistance. The material of polyethylene and polystyrene drainage board itself is a very good waterproof material, and the drainage board has become a very effective auxiliary waterproof material through the use of reliable connections.

Application :

Greening projects: Garage roof greening, roof gardens, vertical greening, sloped roof greening, football fields, golf courses.

Municipal engineering: airports, road subgrades, subways, tunnels, landfills.

Construction engineering: upper or lower floors of building foundations, basement interior and exterior walls and bottom plates, roof plates, roof anti-seepage and heat insulation layers, etc.

Water conservancy projects: anti-seepage of reservoirs, water storage tanks, and artificial lakes.

Traffic engineering: Road, railway embankment, embankment and slope protection.

Dimpled Plastic Drain Sheet08 (2)

Roof drainage board

Dimpled Plastic Drain Sheet27

Drainage board in underground garage

Dimpled Plastic Drain Sheet25

building foundations


1. Strong drainage to avoid water accumulation.

2. High-strength resistance plant root system. Long-lasting protection of the waterproofing layer and the base structure, which can act as an auxiliary root resistance.

3. Greatly reduce the roof load.

4. Shock resistance. Prevent planting soil from damaging drainage boards and waterproofing.

5. Water impermeability and excellent sealing performance can achieve good auxiliary waterproof and corrosion resistance.

6. The construction is fast and convenient, and the quality is stable and guaranteed.





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