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Where to find a good supplier of pond liner/Geomembrane?

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There are two kinds of production techniques for Geomembrane.

1. Calender and filling nitrogen

Calendered film is produced by hot-melt salivation and extrusion of polyethylene raw materials.

The advantage of the geomembrane of the calendering process is that the surface brightness is high, like a mirror, and the price is cheaper than the geomembrane of the blow molding process; the disadvantage is that the thickness is not uniform; the strength of the material is not high, and fragile.

2. Extrusion and blow up

Blow molding, also known as blown film, refers to heating and melting polyethylene plastic particles and stretching them into films through air cooling. Plastic processing technology blown into film.

Blow molding made geomembrane have the advantages of stable quality, uniform thickness, high vertical and horizontal tensile strength, and long service life; the disadvantage is that the price is higher than that of calendered geomembranes.

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So firstly you should consider the quality standard, your budget. If your requiry is ASTM standard, blown film is better choice.

Secondly, price of raw material different up to two times, suppliers with lower price may not provide good products. We'd better choose to cooperate with larger companies like our company Lianxiang group. Because large companies takes reputation more important for long-term business.

At last, you can directly go to visit and inspect factory by yourself. China is safest country in the world, people are warm and good hearts.





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