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What kind of geogrid should we use in mining works?

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                                                    About Mining Geogrids

1. Mining grids are not easy to generate static electricity by friction. In the underground environment of coal mines, the average surface resistance of electricity is below 1×109Ω.

2. Mine geogrid has good flame retardant performance. In the open flame environment, it only melts and does not burn, even if the burning is not more than 10s away from the fire, it will be extinguished.

3, easy to wash coal. The density of this plastic mesh is about 0.92, which is less than the density of water. During the coal washing process, the broken mesh floats on the water surface and is easily washed away.

4. Mine grille has strong anti-corrosion ability and anti-aging.

5. It is convenient for construction and transportation. The plastic mesh is relatively soft, and it is not suitable for workers to be scratched during construction, and it has the advantages of easy curling and bundling, mining geogrid cutting and light weight, so it is convenient for underground transportation, carrying and construction.

6. It has strong bearing capacity in both vertical and horizontal directions. After extrusion and stretching, the molecular structure of the plastic mesh is rearranged, and the tensile strength of the material is 2-3 times that of the unstretched material. The ribs and ribs formed by bidirectional stretching are perpendicular to each other. This structure enables the pressure applied to the mesh surface to be effectively transmitted to the surrounding ribs through the nodes, thereby greatly improving the overall pressure bearing capacity of the mesh surface. When an external force is applied to a rib (or rib), the external force is evenly distributed to other ribs (or rib), which reduces the concentrated bearing capacity of a single rib, so it is not easy to cause the fracture of the rib. Second, because the plastic mesh is biaxially stretched instead of woven, the mesh creep is small, and the mesh size is uniform, which can effectively prevent the falling of broken coal and protect the safety of underground workers and mine workers. safety and the safety of minecart operation.

Mining geogrid (1)

Technique data:

Roll width: 1m~6m

Grid size 25.4×25.4mm, 50.8×50.8mm, 76.2×76.2mm

Mesh size: 20~50mm

Elongation at break<25%

Surface resistance<1×109Ω

Breaking strength(CD): 20~1000KN/m

Breaking strength(MD) 20~500KN/m





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