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What is the ecological geobag? Where and how to use it?

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1、What is the ecological geobag


Ecological geobag is made of polypropylene (PP) or polyester fiber (PET) as the raw material for the double-sided ironing needle punching non-woven geotextile processed geobags.

With anti-ultraviolet (UV), anti-aging, non-toxic, non-combustion, fissures do not extend the characteristics of the real zero pollution. Mainly used in the construction of flexible ecological slopes. Ecological geobag slope protection greening, is one of the important construction methods in barren mountain, mine restoration, highway slope greening, river bank slope protection, inland river regulation.

Ecological geobag has excellent physical and chemical properties, this specially formulated material can resist the erosion of ultraviolet light, is not affected by the chemical substances in the soil, will not undergo quality change or decay, permanent non-degradable and can resist the erosion of insect pests, anti-aging, non-toxic, resistant to acid and alkali salt erosion and microbial decomposition, only permeable to water and not permeable to soil, plant-friendly and vegetation greening.

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2、Application areas

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Ecological restoration

1. river banks: the natural shoreline environment where humans and wildlife coexist

2. Mine re-greening: comprehensive use of mine gangue, scientific remediation of sedimentation areas, greening barren hills, purifying water and gas, creating a new era of mine ecological restoration, barren hills re-greening.

3. Sea and lake shoreline, surface landslide treatment, culvert mouth, drainage ditch, soil erosion, irrigation system, etc.

4. Artificial wetland: ecological restoration

5,green roof

Infrastructure construction

1. Road slope protection: railroad and highway slope protection, applicable to excavated slope and filled slope.

2. River and lake slope protection: applicable to rivers, lakes and reservoir slopes.

3. Special applications: military facilities and flood control emergency, bunkers, flood control dikes, etc.

Landscaping and housing

1. vertical greening, garden art.

2. Commercial residential communities.

3. Roof garden type greening.

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