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What is the HDPE plastic geocell?

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What is the HDPE geocell


What is a HDPE Geocells , the plastic sheet is connected by an ultrasonic welding machine to form a three-dimensional network, and the three-dimensional grid is unfolded. Product principle: three-dimensional restriction to avoid settlement.


Geocell products were originally used in the United States to solve the problem of beaches and desert roads so that vehicles can drive better. Later the Gulf War was widely used.

Introduced to China in 1993, the North China Petroleum Administration Bureau took the lead in research, road construction, roadbed treatment (petroleum exploration)

In recent years, it has been widely used in highway departments, airports, slope protection, west-east gas transmission and other retaining walls.

Our company (Shandong Lianxiang Company) also has ten years of manufacturing and sales history.



Ø About Our Company Geocells

1. In terms of specifications, we are a factory, and geocells can provide customers with different needs according to customers' projects.

According to different projects, products with different heights can be produced. The height can be 50mm to 250mm, the welding distance can be 330mm to 1000mm, and the thickness can be customized from 1.0mm to 1.5mm. There are also various accessories to provide support.

2. Types of geocells perforated and non-perforated geocells.

Perforated geocells have small holes in them that allow water and air to flow through. This type of geocell is best for applications where the soil needs to be able to breathe, like in a green infrastructure project.

Non-perforated geocells have smooth, solid walls and are best for applications where water needs to be kept out, like in a landfill. The smooth walls prevent the infiltration of water and help keep the soil inside the cell.


Ø The Benefits of Geocells

1. Protection and stabilization of steep slope

2. Protective linings of channels and hydraulic structures

3. Static and dynamic load support on weak subgrade soils

4. Multi-layered earth-retaining and water-retaining gravity structures

5. Enhanced slope protection

6. Environmentally friendly

Geocells are widely used in roadbed reinforcement such as roads and railways, slope protection of rivers, pools, ditches, environmental protection and greening, and are becoming more and more popular.

Erosion control and slope protection

Load support and ground stabilisation

Bridges approaches, crossings

Channel protection and embankment

Civil and Landscaping- Ground improvement

Gravity retaining walls and Mechanically Stabilised Earth (MSE) walls

Rail track stabilisation





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