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What is coir fiber mattress or coco fiber blanket and what is the usage

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Coconut blanket is a new material made from coconut silk, meshes of different specifications and strengths, and grass seeds. It is used for road, river, and railway slope greening care. This mesh is dense and of a reasonable size, ensuring that grass-like seeds can pass through smoothly and grow vigorously. The coconut silk blanket also provides moisture retention, wind protection, and heat preservation for the early, middle, and late growth of plants.

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1. The material of the coconut blanket and the three-dimensional structure of the slope protection net allow the coconut blanket to not only reduce the evaporation of surface water, but also absorb and store water. It saves 50% of water than other greening projects, thus reducing the need for irrigation. and maintenance costs.

2. The coconut silk blanket uses plant fiber as the carrier, which has good degradability, no pollution to the environment and is ecologically friendly. After the coconut silk blanket is laid, it can effectively prevent adverse factors from damaging the slope and provide physical protection for the slope and plants.


3. The coconut fiber blanket effectively changes the temperature and humidity of the slope, uses polyfertilizer to protect moisture, and improves the growth conditions (water, heat, light, fertilizer) of plants. It is especially suitable for drying and barren areas.

4. The coconut blanket is packed in rolls, which is convenient and quick to construct and simple to maintain. The coconut blanket slope protection greatly reduces the project cost. The coconut blanket is a covering that can provide good protection for the germination and growth of plant seeds. It is not only effective It is windproof, sunproof, and conserves soil moisture. The upper and lower reinforced meshes and middle fibers of the coconut silk blanket can also absorb the energy generated by the impact of rainwater. The flow of rainwater in the fiber layer reduces the scouring force of rainwater on the land surface, preventing The soil particles move with the water flow and have strong resistance to rain erosion. The coconut silk blanket with grass seeds makes the plant seeds more evenly distributed and is not disturbed by human factors and water erosion, maintaining a stable state and changing the greening effect. To save the use of seeds, coconut blankets are increasingly used in slope soil erosion protection and slope greening projects.

Install Method:

1. Prepare the slope: The foundation must be soft and flat without sudden height changes, hollows, cracks, frozen water, plants, sharp stones, wooden sticks, construction gravel, or other foreign objects that may damage the coconut silk carpet.

2. Lay the coconut blanket: When laying the Coir fiber mat, it should be laid from top to bottom, and the laying should be smooth without wrinkling. U-shaped nails should be lapped at the joint of the two blankets.

3. Secure with U-type nails: Use U-type nails to firmly secure the overlapping parts and edge parts of the impact-resistant biological blanket.

4. Cover with soil: Manually spread the soil evenly on the Coir fiber mat (to avoid large soil clods affecting the germination rate). The thickness of the covering soil is 25mm-50mm, which can be loam or fine sand.

5. Irrigate: After the soil is applied, spray water on the surface of the covering soil on the coconut blanket to completely soak the coconut blanket. Then spray once in the morning and evening, and the spraying water should be sufficient to maintain humidity.

Technique Data Sheet(TDS)

1. Roll size: 2m x 30m, 2.5m x 50m

2. Unit gram weight: 200-1000g/m2

3. Tensile strength: >1KN/m (without geonet), 20-50KN/m (with geonet composite)

4. Elongation 20%

5. Transmittance ≤16%

6. Water absorption rate 260%

7. Shear resistance 108Pa

8. Water flow 2.1m/s

9. Anti-UV(sunlight)

Remaining strength after 6000 hours: 90%

Remaining strength after 10,000 hours: 85%





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