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What for slope protection?---Application of Geobag

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Application of geobag

Ecological restoration

1. River bank: the natural coastal environment where humans and wild life coexist.

2. Regreening of mines: Comprehensive utilization of gangue, scientific remediation of subsidence areas, greening of barren hills, purification of water and gas, creation of a new era of ecological restoration of mines, and greening of barren hills.

3. Soil protection: Sea and lake shores, surface landslide control, culvert openings, drainage ditches, soil erosion, irrigation systems, etc.

4. Constructed wetlands: ecological restoration.


River bank



Retaining wall


Soil protection

Construction process

1. Tool preparation: shovel, tape measure, horizontal pipe, slope ruler, broom, trolley, marking line, mallet, scale, mallet, nylon wire, beat, small stake pick, shovel, electric rammer, excavator , Submersible pump.

2. For slope trimming, remove bark, tree roots, garbage, sundries, etc. to make the slope clean. Loose rocks and unstable soil on the slope must be fixed or removed, and sharp-edged objects must be ground into obtuse angles to avoid Cut through the ecological bags of grass seeds; the convex slopes should be leveled. Excavate the foundation at a certain depth at the foot of the slope. The foundation soil is generally compacted to a density of 95%, and no obvious settlement and deformation will occur. A certain number of layers of grass seed ecological bag foundations are laid on the compacted soil layer. Construct intercepting ditches and set up drainage ditches at slope corners.


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3. Raw material preparation: transport the grass seed ecological bag to the construction site. If the slope soil is poor, some crop soil needs to be transported to the construction site, add organic fertilizer and mix evenly to achieve the nutrients for plant growth.

4. To pack the grass seed ecological bag, first pack a standard bag, weigh it with a scale and record the weight as a model for subsequent bagging, and pay attention to shaking the organic soil in the grass seed ecological bag tightly every 1/3 of the time , The filler must be filled as much as possible. The ecological bag of grass seeds must be tightly tied.

5. Build the slope of the grass seed ecological bag, place a connecting button so that it spans between the two grass seed ecological bags, close to the 1/3 position of the inner edge, so that each connecting button spans two grass seeds Eco-bag, shake the superimposed layer on the grass-seed ecological bag so that each  bag connecting buckle can be penetrated, and achieve interlocking by walking or compacting on the grass-seeding ecological bag to ensure that the connecting buckle and grass eco bags with good touches. Horizontal lines should be hung when building and laying, and the joints of grass seed ecological bags and seams should be placed inward or concealed as much as possible to achieve a neat and beautiful effect. Repeat the above steps until it is completed.

After completion








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