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The Advantages of Bentonite Geosynthetic Clay Liner

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There are several kinds of bentonite Geosynthetic Clay Liner which can meet the reuiremnts of some projects, and for features, there are similarities and differences between them. Next, let's get to know about this as following. 



As for natural sodium based Bentonite Geosynthetic Clay Liner, its top layer is high density polyethylene film and its bottom layer is nonwoven fabric. But for the anti-seepage sodium base bentonite waterproof blanket, its bottom layer is a piece of fabric, the sodium base bentonite with better waterproof effect is stuck on high strength geotextile cloth and then covered by a layer of high density polyethylene film. The natural sodium bentonite water proof blankets own higher ability of waterproof and water seepage than the common one.


But compared with geomembrances, the advantages of bentonite waterproof blanket are shown in the following aspects.

1) Bentonite Geosynthetic Clay Liner is compact and has good performance of water-proof.

2) Better flexibility and better adaptability of uneven precipitation.

3) Simple construction process, paving materials can be cut arbitrarily.

4) Waterproof ability, bentonite is a natural inorganic mineral material and will not occur corrosion and aging phenomenon.

5) The thickness increased by several times after water absorption, not easy to be broken, with strong self-repair ability.


The above is the advantages of Geosynthetic Clay Liner, and some of the advantages between them are also different accordingly based on different varieties, so customers should choose to purchase according to your detailed demands. 





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