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How to use the GCL geosynthetic clay liner for waterproof

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5.Bentonite Geosynthetic Clay Liner

GCL sodium bentonite waterproof blanket is a new type of geosynthetic material, mainly divided into needle punching method sodium bentonite waterproof blanket, and needle punching overlay method sodium bentonite waterproof blanket. The bentonite waterproof blanket is made of high expansion of sodium bentonite filled in the special woven geotextile and non-woven fabric between the needle punching method into the bentonite impermeable mat, which can form many small fiber space, so that bentonite particles can not flow in one direction, when water in the mat to form a uniform high-density gel-like waterproof layer, effective prevention of water leakage.


With high strength, good sealing, good flexibility, etc., especially adapt to uneven settlement and other characteristics.


GCL sodium bentonite waterproof mat is specially used in artificial lake water features, landfills, underground garages, roof gardens, pools, oil depots and chemical dumps to prevent seepage, with high performance to price ratio and very wide use.

Performance comparison (compared with traditional membrane material impermeability)

  • (1) bentonite belongs to the inorganic materials on water quality pollution-free, and good durability, long life.

  • (2) bentonite composite waterproof mat (GCL) construction is easy, no welding or bonding, only lap, reliability.

  • (3) good resistance to freezing and thawing, no need to take insulation measures. One, three, seven nine one. Three one, two one, eight eight eight Oriental Min.

  • (4) With self-healing, the construction process and the use of the process are not afraid of puncture.

  • (5) Can reduce the thickness of the compacted clay layer of the grass-roots level.

Transportation & Installation

  • 1, Avoid the sun exposure, pay attention to waterproofing and moisture. Waterproof blanket delivered to the site should try to use the same day to complete.

  • 2, Construction, avoid wearing hard-soled shoes, walking or stepping on top of the waterproofing blanket to avoid causing damage to the waterproofing blanket.

  • 3, The construction has been completed to protect the soil waterproofing blanket, there can be no artificial damage, reduce the vehicle or other machinery in the waterproofing blanket above the crushing.

  • 4, Waterproof carpet in construction, the construction has been completed waterproof carpet needs to be accepted, backfill should pay attention to prevent damage to the bentonite waterproof carpet.

  • 5, When the construction can not be completed on the same day, should not be laid to cover the waterproof blanket to reduce the damage to the waterproof blanket.

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