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How to to install geocells on slope and roads and how to choose the right geocells?

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Geocells is applied in widely applications like slope protection, road base reinforcement, riverbank reinforcement etc . 

How to choose the right Geocell?

Geocell is made from HDPE material, color in black, green, yellow, blue etc. Geocell sheet different in perforated and smooth. 

土工格室 (3)

Geocell with perforations was designed for water drainage and root breathing applications. But performations will decrease the load bearing capacity of Geocell. 

Thus, the most widely application of perforated geocell is slope protection. 

The higher slope degree, the higher of Geocell should be. Deeper cells can be filled with more fillings(earth or samll stones), and keep the slope stable. 

Beside the height of Geocell, length of diagonal is another important factor. Longer diagonal length means less cell numbers, and less overall strength.

土工格室 (205)

Normally there are two kinds of installation methods on slope: 

1. Directly unpack and spread Geocell along the slope. This method suit for slopes less than 70 degree.

2. Overlap the Geocell from gound bottom to top of slope. This methods suitable for steep slopes.

土工格室 (72)

Geocell also widely used in road base reinforcement:

土工格室 (145)

At last, when you buy Geocell from factory suppliers, if you need 50mm height 330mm diagonal and perforated geocell, you can directly say 50-330 peraorated Geocell.

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