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How To Install The Geotextile Geobag?-Geobag Apply Guideline

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Construction process of geobag

Main process

(1) Construction preparation

Make preparations for personnel, machinery, materials and equipment. Dig the foundation.

(2) Clear slope

Remove pumice and floating roots from the slope and make the slope as smooth as possible.

(3) Geobag filling

Fill the geobag with matrix material. Use sealing ties (high strength, UV resistant) or use a small sealing machine on site to stitch.

(4)Construction of geoags, connection buckles and reinforced geogrids

When laying the bags, pay attention to place the seams of the bags inward on one side. For every three layers of geobags, lay a layer of reinforced geogrids. Fix one end of the reinforced geogrids to the geobag’s connection buckle.

Installation of geobag and connection buckles (as P1-P4)


                              P1 Place the geobag horizontally


                      P2 Place the connection buckles on the seam


                               P3 Stack the upper geobag on it


            P4 Compact the structure into a monolithic interlocking structure

• Repeat the steps until completed.

Top pressing: Place the long side of the geobag horizontally and perpendicularly to the wall to ensure that the top is stable.

(5) Greening construction

a. Spray sowing

Hydraulic spraying is used to spray and green the constructed geobag wall, and then cover it with non-woven fabric and water for maintenance.

b. Plant shrubs





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