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HDPE Geomembrane for pond liner fish farming

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 Geomembrane used for Fish Pond Liner

土工膜_01Benefits of using geomembrane as liner in aquaculture

(1) Fewer Contamination Risks

Compared with directly digging ponds, the use of geomembrane slopes will be more stable, which can effectively reduce the threat of wind, rain, and other natural conditions to fish ponds, maintain system stability during design, and prevent losses due to environmental damage the farmed crops. Moreover, the use of HDPE geomembrane can make the pond have a steeper slope and deeper depth, which is equivalent to increasing production in disguise. The stability of the system, of course, also reduces the maintenance of fish ponds and the cost of earthwork.

(2) Better PH Control

Exposing the water in a fishpond or raceway to the bare soil also makes it harder to maintain the water quality parameters. In particular, PH levels tend to stay lower or higher than fish like depending on whether the soil is acidic is alkaline. By adding a physical barrier between the soil and the water, it’s much easier to maintain the exact pH desired. Dissolved mineral and ammonia levels are also easier to manage with the help of the right liner. Rising groundwater levels can infiltrate the pond or raceway and dilute a nutrient solution to the point where crops fail. Liners stop this from occurring as well.

(3) Prevention of Water Loss

Aquaculture projects, that don’t take place in an established natural body of water like the ocean, require a steady supply of fresh water. This is increased greatly if the design is open and non-recirculating. When you consider the value of each gallon of water pumped or diverted into the system, you can’t afford to lose a large percentage of the total water to seepage or leaks. Combine the system with enclosed greenhouses and other covers and you can even reduce evaporation dramatically. If you’re planning to recirculate the same water over and over again, you’ll definitely want to minimize water loss at all points.

(4) Reduced Disease Build-up

Lining a pond or raceway gives you more opportunities for cleaning and controlling the conditions. Pond dry down is a common process between batches of fish or crops to kill off lingering water-carried diseases and pests. Clay and soil ponds rarely dry out completely because the sediment at the bottom traps a lot of moisture. Shrimp and shellfish, like mussels, are particularly prone to the build-up of diseases and other issues that reduce their production rate. By lining the pond, you can dry it down completely as often as you like and clean out all the sludge to achieve full sanitization.

(5) Speed up fishing and increase production

Effectively inhibit the growth of algae in water, easy to clean. Since the geomembrane itself contains anti-ultraviolet additives, the geomembrane is not afraid of the sun's rays and is easy to maintain. The use of geomembranes can provide easier monitoring and a safer environment. Because the cost and time of maintenance are very low, fishing can be carried out more conveniently and quickly, thereby saving time and cost, increasing the output of breeding, and obtaining excessive harvest.

Products We Can Provide

HDPE Geomembrane is made by high density polyethylene, also named as(seepage-proofing membrane/HDPE sheet) is a kind of waterproofing obstructing material.Widely used in fish pond aquaculture, agricultural water storage and other projects.

Our Production Equipment

The plastic geomembrane equipment adopts a special extruder and a special screw to enhance the plasticizing ability and increase the output. Use the whole machine to move, easy to adjust.

Three-layer compound special screw head, taking into account the performance of greenhouse membrane and geomembrane, can produce both greenhouse membrane and geomembrane.

The plastic geomembrane equipment adopts a hydraulic non-stop quick screen change device, which is fast and convenient.

Plastic geomembrane equipment adopts foreign advanced technology, and introduces IBC internal cooling control system and double air outlet air ring; it is convenient to control the cooling air volume and improves the cooling effect.

The traction is controlled by a frequency conversion motor and equipped with a pneumatic clamping mechanism.

The coiler adopts the center plus friction coiling method.





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