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Advantages of Geosynthetic Clay Liner

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Bentonite waterproof blanket (GCL) is a new type of geosynthetic material. It not only has all the characteristics of geotechnical materials, 

but also has excellent waterproof and anti-seepage properties. Its main advantages include:

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Compactness: Sodium-based bentonite forms a high-density diaphragm under hydraulic pressure. 

When the thickness is about 3mm, its water permeability is below &×10ˉ11m/sec, which is equivalent to 100 times the compactness of clay with a thickness of 30cm. 

Water retention properties. 


Waterproof performance: Since sodium bentonite is a natural inorganic material, it will not age or corrode even if the surrounding environment changes for a long time, 

so the waterproof performance is durable. 


Simple construction and short construction period: Compared with other waterproof materials, waterproof blanket construction is relatively simple, 

without heating and sticking. Only bentonite powder and nails, washers, etc. are needed for connection and fixing. No special inspection is required after construction, 

and waterproof defects are found to be easy to repair. GCL is the one with the shortest construction period among existing waterproof materials. 

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Temperature Insensitive: Does not become brittle in cold climates. 


Environmental protection: bentonite is a kind of natural inorganic material, which is harmless to human body, non-toxic, has no special impact on the environment, and has good environmental performance. 

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